If you’re interested in having Jesse speak at an event, reach out via the formula below. Bio and photos for speaking engagement are available here.

Past Engagements

The Future of Work

https://workofthefuture.splashthat.com/ — October 18th, 2016
A lively discussion on the future of work and human potential.

Extract Conf

Extract Conf 3
http://extractconf.com/ — October 30th, 2015, San Francisco
We gather 600 of the biggest and baddest minds in the dataverse to share inspirational stories. Mix one part growth hacking, two parts data analysis, toss in dash of mad scientist and that is what Extract is all about.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.32.50 PM
https://www.growthhacker.tv/ — July 11th, 2015
Interview – There are very few people in the world that really understand how startups grow. Have you grown a product to millions of users? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, the people that come on Growth Hacker TV have.


http://www.growthchats.com/ — July 30th, 2015, San Francisco
Session: How to run a continuous experimentation pipeline
A small, exclusive event for practicing marketers in the SF area.

Opticon ’15

https://www.optimizely.com/opticon/ — June 18, 2015, San Francisco
Session: Moving the Needle in Your E-Commerce Funnel
As more shoppers come online, smartphones and tablets account for more online purchases. Optimizing your digital customer experience will continue to become even more important to the success of your online retail business. This session will feature stories from ecommerce businesses that are making every online customer interaction count using Optimizely.


growSF Crowd
http://growsf.splashthat.com/ — June 3, 2015, San Francisco

Panel: Structuring Growth
#growSF is an invite-only event designed to bring together industry leaders for a night of drinks and open discussion about the challenges and opportunities that surround mobile growth.