Jesse Avshalomov Hi, I’m Jesse Avshalomov, and I build growth engines.

That means combining product, data, user psychology, and experimentation to engineer self-sustaining mechanisms of growth.

It means finding a startup’s unique advantages, and forging them into systems, practices, and automations that continuously drive new customers.

It means maximizing the value of the customers you’ve got, and using each of those customers to acquire the next.

Today I lead Marketing as co-founder of Medinas (YC S18), a cloud software suite that allows hospitals to inventory/value their end-of-life equipment, and resell it to refurbishers who can bring it back into service.

Before that, I was employee #7 at Teespring (YC W13) where I built and led the Growth Team, a group that helped grow Teespring to millions in monthly revenue. Along the way we launched dozens of features, ran hundreds of experiments, reached millions of users, and served as a data-driven problem solving unit throughout the company.

I’ve served as a Growth Advisor for a variety of companies including Kickwheel, 7cups, Povio LabsElucifyQuizlet, 80,000 Hours, the Centre for Effective Altruism, and Covo, where I’m also an investor.

In the time that led up to all that, I had a brief career as an Opera Singer, spent time as a marketing technologist at AKQA and Apple, co-founded the a music licensing startup now known as Loudr (acquired by Spotify), and invented International Beer Day as an experiment in virality gone horribly right (celebrated by millions every year).