Thank You Dan Shipper

Four months ago Dan Shipper did me a big favor.

He had no idea, has no idea, will probably never have any idea.

All he did was include a sentence in a blog post. The sentence wasn’t even directly related to the post’s main subject, yet it crystalized an idea that had been floating in my mind for quite some time.

The sentence was this:

For me, the beauty in programming was the fact that it allowed me to build businesses where the only cost was my time.

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How to Tell if SEO is, in Fact, Dead.

The claim “SEO is Dead” has been made hundreds of times since the invention of modern search engines.

Wait, did I say hundreds? Scratch that.
I meant thousands. Thousands upon thousands.

In fact, at the time of this writing, there are no fewer than 175,000 pages on the web containing the words “SEO is dead,” dating back as early as 2003 (or 1997 if you count variations). But despite more than a decade of these claims, the practice of SEO has continued to flourish, reaching increasing levels of complexity, sophistication, and (dare I say it) acceptance.

However, I think it’s a mistake to say that SEO will never die…

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The Humanitarian Potential of SEO

In a recent moment of introspection, I found myself sifting through projects from the last few years, returning again and again to a single question:

What is the best possible application of my skillset?

In many ways it’s a simple question — in fact, it almost seems answerable by a quiet mantra of the SEO community: The best clients are the clients that act, the clients that revel in creative solutions, the clients that embrace new ideas and don’t hold you back from implementing elegant initiatives.

Except that this wasn’t the answer at all. Not for me anyway.

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Practicing Ingenuity

This blog will be an experiment in cultivating ingenuity, of encouraging creative thought.  Here goes.

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